Great Examples of Effective Brand Communication

Effective Brand Communication

Every brand wants to reach the top of mind of their consumers. In this battle, some of the brands will win and many of them fail. Only a few brands will able to effectively communicate their brand strategy and predict features to their consumers. The successful brands could able to understand the customers need and communicate their offerings in a very attractive manner. Here we are discussing some of the effective brand communication examples in Indian Markets.

1. Maruthi Suzuki Service Station campaign

Maruthi Udyog Ltd was founded in 1981 and it merged with Suzuki in 1982. Except for the success of Maruthi 800, other models like Zen, Esteem, Gypsy etc really struggled in the market. Later they identified that the high maintenance cost and difficulty in getting good service centre is one of the factors that keeps normal consumers from buying a car. And they came up with the service station campaign. In 2000, Maruti Suzuki became the first car company in India to launch a call Center for customer services. At the same time, they launched a series of TV campaigns about their wide network of service stations. Even 20 years down the line, Maruthi is well known for its service network and still one of the attractive factors for new buyers. This will remain as one beautiful example of effective brand communication.

2. Maruthi Suzuki Kitna Deti Hai – brand communication campaign

After service centres, Maruthi identified the next big thing in the consumer’s mind, which is “Mileage”. Maruthi addressed this problem with their true fuel-efficient range of cars along with beautiful campaign “Kitna Deti hai”. As a result of these advertisement campaigns and moreover their models Succesful in fulfilling these promises. As a Result, Maruthi Suzuki gained more than 50 % market share in the Indian passenger car market.

3. Samsung India Service – We’ll take care of you, wherever you are.

Samsung had a big challenge in 2016 due to the battery explosion of their note 7 models. The models recalled from the market in September 2016. At the same time, Indian smartphone brands like Micromax, Lava and Carbon captured huge market share with their low priced models. But consumers are totally confused with the poor quality of Indian brands and trust issue with Samsung due to the note issue. Then Samsung decided to position themselves as a responsible brand in front of consumers. They came up with their massive social media campaign called “We’ll take care of you, wherever you are” in December 2016. It’s a 4-minute video, which becomes the most-watched youtube video in 2017 having more than 21 crores of view in youtube alone. They also released 5 more videos in this campaign series.  As a result, Samsung becomes the number 1 electronics brand across multiple categories with proper brand communication.

4. Prestige Kitchen appliance

When you think about kitchen appliances, prestige will be the brand which came to your mind. Prestige created this top of mind awareness over 20 years of consistent strategy. Whenever Prestige came up with a new advertisement, there will be a new innovative feature to be highlighted. Many of these features become an industry-standard which many other manufactures forced to follow. This is true even 20 years back or right now.

5. Fevicol – brand communication advertisements

Whenever we discuss the advertisement strategy, the list will not be complete without mentioning Fevicol. Fevicol is known for its funny advertisements for the last 20+ years. They capture the viewer’s attention and communicate the product feature without even saying a single word. What is the result of this consistent and innovative strategy? A true monopoly in the adhesive market.

The key takeaways from these successful Brands

  1. Try to address the industry problem with your products and services.
  2. Try to communicate your product features with the consumers.
  3. Be consistent in your brand positioning and communication strategy.
  4. Stay true to your communications with your products.

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