Five Basic Elements of Effective Print Advertisement

An Effective Print Advertisement of Nike
The famous Nike ad advertisement includes the 5 basic elements required for effective print advertisement.

Print advertisement is one of the oldest organized advertisement Media. Since print ads use physical print media, it is one of the costly and valuable advertisement. Customer will spend time with effective and attractive advertainments which came through their way. Creating an effective print advertisement requires strategic thoughts rather than creative inputs. Understanding these 5 basic elements will help you create an effective print advertisement.


Header or Title is the most important part of the Print advertisement which attracts the attention of the reader. The header can communicate the benefit of your product or service, also gain attention by recommending a solution for an existing problem of the reader. The header should be the strongest element which determines whether the viewer should go through the remaining content.


An effective print advertisement must include at least one image. And this image should be attractive enough to create curiosity in the viewer and communicate the message of the advertisement. Image is the second important element of the print advertisement.


The body part describes the concept involved in the advertisement. It extends the interest shown by the viewer by providing further information about the product and services. Many times it includes detailed information about new products and Sometimes it includes discounts and offers which eventually leads to sales. Always it should be short, well organized and easily understandable for the reader.

Call to action

Call to action will lead the reader for a specific action. And this call to action will be indirect and integrated with the content body. Formation of a call to action will depend on the objective of the advertisement.  It is an essential part of sales promotion activities and it may be missing in brand promotional advertisements.

Contact Information

Contact information allows the viewer to get in touch with the business. For established businesses or popular brands, this contact information is not necessary. But it is an essential part of new businesses because people may not be aware of your business places. A piece of contact information can be a phone number, store location, website address etc.

An Effective Print Advertisement from Mercedes-Benz
Mercedes Benz advertisement is another example of the best use of basic advertisement elements and making an effective print advertisement.
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