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Advantages of Public Relations

All Entrepreneurs dream about appearing their company on the front page of a newspaper or magazine. But many of them, this will remain as a dream forever because they never take actions for fulfilling those dreams. Public relations are one of the major steps towards fulfilling those dreams of getting mentioned in major publications. PR activities can create a buzz about your business and bring a lot of credibility to your business and also have the power to reach to a much larger audience than you expected. But unfortunately most of the young entrepreneurs don’t really know the power of ‘public relations’ and here we are discussing the true benefits of public relations.

1. Public Relations Brings more Credibility

For organizations and advertisers, Public relations and advertisements are two sides of the same coin. But the general public considers the news or articles are unbiased, truthful and credible. Because they are unaware of the fact that the company had to spend anything behind these stories.

The automobile sector is one of the industries which take maximum advantage of these public relation activities by conducting various PR activities. News, reviews and comparisons from various journalists have much more influence in purchasing decisions than advertisements. The media coverage getting for apple’s launch events will showcase the true power of PR.

2. Comparatively less cost

Considering the cost and efforts for other paid advertisements, the cost of public relations is low compared with paid advertisments. Multinaional companies may spend a larger sum in hiring professionals and bigger PR agencies on a global perspective. But for smaller companies, they can start their communication with a very small budget. And you need to consider that PR is one of its kind activity, you can’t compare its value in relative with the paid advertisements terms.

3. Away from Clutter

Nowadays media houses trying to include diversified contents in their news feeds or provide dedicated space for business news. This diversification factor will keep Publics relation messages at a safe distance from the clutter of advertisements. Consumers perceive PR messages genuine news content.

4. Opportunity for Lead Generation

Public relations give an excellent opportunity for companies of individuals to generate demand for their innovations. Information about new technologies, medical researcher to grab the attention of the public and generate inquiries and sales leads.

5. High engagement with the Target Group

PR always brings better engagement with their consumers and with their community at a larger perspective. With the help of well-planed PR activities, your brand could able to communicate to a specific group of consumers at a very lower cost compared to traditional advertainments.  One example of this one that you can plan some charitable activities along with the local group to reach to differently-abled people.

6. Positive image building

A brad reputation will negatively affect the overall effectiveness of your marketing activities and hold your potential growth. The positive image building will work for businesses, brand and even for celebrities. Effective PR gives a positive image which is more helpful in the future.

7. Public Relations Support SEO Activities

PR will mainly support SEO activities in direct and indirect ways. Some of the publications are kind enough to provide a valuable backlink to your website. The indirect way supporting by providing the relevant information and data about your company and services when someone searches for the related information. In both ways, it will benefit your business in a positive way.

8. Building relations with employees

Successful organizations must have better relations and clear communications with the employees and all their stakeholders. Effective use of some PR tools like meetings, events, newsletters etc will work as an excellent way to communicate directly and indirectly with your employees for improving relations with them.

9. Build Connections

In the initial days of your PR activities, you might require an agency to connect with news reporters or industry people. But over a period of time, you will be able to network with the top media houses and able to leverage your connections for running the required activities by your own.  

10. Helps in Crisis Management

Any negative news about your organization can affect very badly. One of the advantages of PR activity is its ability to help you in the most critical situations. A well-planned PR activity can create a favourable impression towards your organization among media and also bring some positivity even in the middle of a crisis.

Public Relations are certainly an important element in the overall marketing strategy. Properly structured PR activities improve the overall relationship of your firm with that of the public.

While reading the article, you might feel that Public relations are very simple, But in reality, it requires a lot of time and effort in planning and execution level.

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