Great Benefits of Television Advertising

Great Benefits of Television Advertising

There is no doubt that advertising will influence the purchasing decisions of consumers. That is the main reason that all businesses looking for more and more advertisement opportunities to reach their consumers. With a lot of advertisement options available such as Television, print, radio, posters, notices, billboards, internet, social media, etc advertisers are confused about choosing the right medium for their advertisement. Here we are discussing the key Benefits of Television Advertising over other advertisement media.

1. Trust over Television advertisement is High

A television advertisement considered more trustworthy by consumers. Bases on the latest consumer researches, over 60% of consumers trust television advertisements. This is high when compared to other broadcast advertisement channels like Newspaper with 48% or Digital with 40%. And this trust factor will give high influence over the viewers. this is the key Benefits of Television Advertising over digital and other advertisement media.

2. The high reach to households

More than 90% of the households in India own at least one Television set. Apart from houses, Television also occupies its space in restaurants, airports, Hospital waiting rooms, beauty parlours, and even in local stores. If you have enough budget, then you can reach 70 – 80% of the population of your territory within a day. ┬áThis shows the strength of Television in its reach as an advertisement medium.

3. People spend more time in Television

People consume a lot of content on television. An average person views around 25 hours per week, and this makes it easy to get your message in front of the customers. The more time consumers spend on a medium, the more potential for advertisements to reach the audience.

4. Delivering multimedia content

Unlike many other advertising mediums, Television delivers multimedia content which improves the viewing experience. Through multimedia content, you will be able to access the visual, audio, and emotions of the viewers creating a double-fold chance for remembering your message.   

5. You can create a personality of your brand

Good commercials can make a huge impact on television. You just try to remember some of the television advertisements you have seen over the past years. Definitely you can remember ads which you had seen 10 or 20 years back. That is the true power of a television advertisement. If your advertisement is catchy, it will be remembered forever.

6. TV Works with other mediums

Television works well as a part of a 360-degree campaign. An advertisement on television can create credibility and reach a much larger audience. Then continued advertisement in Print, radio, or digital will increase the recall to increase the overall success rate of your campaign.

7. Television Advertisement is cost effective.

A television advertisement is cost-effective and affordable when compared to other advertisement mediums. The overall investment required for a television campaign will be higher. But when you evaluate the reach getting out of your investment, it will be really cost-effective.

8. Better targeting of audience

Targeted marketing in Television may not be efficient as in the case of digital advertainment. But still, you can Target your TG based on their Socio-economic profile, Age, or gender by choosing the right time band, channel, or program.

Even in the changing advertisement landscape, Television holds the top position in terms of media spend across all the medium for advertisement. But the true success of your campaign is the time and effort that you put into developing the content and plan. Keep these points before planning your next TV advertisement campaign. Definitely, Television Advertising will Beneficial for growing your brand to net levels.

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